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:: Team-building & Personal development


Unleash the feel good factor in your company

– 2 new, exciting team-building workshops.

Harmonize !!

Harmonize !!

Easy harmonica playing – plus a free instrument for everybody.

Let’s Sing !

Colleagues who sing together stay in tune with each other.

Musical experience is not required for these workshops.

The No.1 aim of our new, music workshops is to bring a vibrancy and a lasting upbeat mood into your workplace.

What’s more, these stimulating sessions are for everybody, so absolute beginners to music-making are very welcome !

Here’s what we offer your team :

Let’s Sing ! Participants move, groove, sing & swing, clap & snap under the guidance of a dynamic singing coach.

The final result is the creation of an original Company song.

Harmonize !! This workshop opens with an entertaining show by the harmonica-player leader … who invites everybody to join the fun ! Participants are soon playing, eager to compete for the Harmonize !! Trophy, awarded to the most tuned-in team.

Performances are also recorded.

An additional pay-off : group music-making stimulates creativity and encourages team bonding.

It all adds up to improved performance in your company !

Rejuvenate your team for the age of recycling

New workshop inspires personnel to triumph in a climate of corporate cut-backs.

© Phile Deprez

ReSounds! is a “green” approach to maximizing returns with limited resources. The challenge of the half-day workshop is to make musical instruments from discarded objects... and play them!

This imaginative quest is led by a top musician/inventor, renowned for transforming junk – from drinks bottles to worn out equipment – into amazing instruments and sounds.

Musical experience is not necessary; all that is required are cast-off items from the home, office or factory… and lively imagination. The workshop closes with the team performing a rousing Recycle Rock!


Beat the drums for personal development and great team-dynamics.

© Bart Gits

Everybody who is reasonably fit can master these mighty Japanese drums. Feel self-confidence soar as our drum masters help you to develop flowing Taiko movements. Moreover, you don't need music-playing experience to discover quickly the exhilaration of working in unison with structured rhythms.

PLUS... African and Latin American percussion. UN-BEATABLE !

Ramp up the power of your people with drumming.
Play at your place, or Promoevents can find a venue for you.

Draw your team together !

Comic-strip art sharpens minds and communications.

comic-strip art
© Patrick Bostyn

Surprise yourself... One of Belgium’s top caricaturists helps you to reveal a hidden talent – as a comic-strip artist ! Yet the result is true teamwork : a sketched story by colleagues who view afresh each other's personalities and strengths.
And we frame the finished work for display on your wall.

Redraw your team's route to success. Our half-day introduction to the 9th art encourages participants to refocus and look beyond the obvious !

Step into the circus ring !

Stretch your body… stretch your horizons!

© Roberto Flores

Have fun learning new skills in a different dimension. You and your colleagues (re)discover personal strengths and capabilities. Professional circus performers coach you in a range of exciting, yet safe, activities.

Juggling boosts mental agility.

Acrobatics help you to become a better team player, and enable you to conquer personal fear.

Balancing provides you with essential strategies for managing pressure.

Business is an Art

Creativity - the vital factor !

© Patrick Bostyn

Shape your ideas

Transforming a lump of clay into a work of art with Team ceramics depends on close cooperation and the inspired inputs of all participants. A leading ceramics sculptor guides your team from concept development, through modelling to glazing and kiln-firing.

Team ceramics takes place at the sculptor's splendid prize-design studio where you immediately step into creative mood, ready to generate ideas.

Personal expression is a satisfying benefit from hands-on use of materials and techniques. At the same time, participant develop a keen awareness of their role in achieving team success.

At the end of the day, you take away finished ceramic sculptures - and a winning approach to team work.

Paint over the borders of your mind

© Promotions

Take a colourful route to success with Team painting... an intense, fun activity that encourages you to unlock and structure your creative powers.

Our animator-artists help participants gain the expertise and confidence to express themselves through colour and form.

Because each team works on one canvas, the activity reflects the functions of a team with joint planning and decision-making, delegating, task fulfillment...

A few days later, Promoevents delivers the paintings, varnished, framed and ready to hang on your wall.